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It is an unsecured loan and helps you to meet current financial needs. you can avail without pledging any collateral and it can be used for personal requirements like a holiday trip, house renovation, wedding, higher education, or a medical emergency

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Factors you should know before avail All Personal Loans.

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Shorter duration and higher interest

Shorter duration and higher interest and will be 12 to 24 % as it is an unsecured loan so its interest rate is a bit higher than the other secured loan.

100% of cash withdrawal

Personal loan for wedding, travel, medical emergency, for ca, doctors, self-employed, and 100% of cash withdrawal can be done.

No physical documentation

No physical documentation is required. This means for a personal loan you need not submit any of your documents physically

within 24 hours

The loan disbursement is very fast. Generally, you will be having the loan amount with you within 24 hours.